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We use the power of crypto currencies to issue loans and protect them. After the introduction of bitcoin in 2008 few financial institution fail to accept its power but after years of our success in this business we have help thousands of clients reach their dreams in getting loans and paying back debts.

  • Payoff of remaining loan balance in the event of death.
  • Monthly loan payments if a member becomes totally or continuously disabled.
  • Eliminate financial hardship for family member in the event of death or disability.
  • Payoff the deficiency balance on an auto loan in the event of a total loss on the vehicle.

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Our investors help us secure all our loans making it difficult for any failure on repayment or making us go bankrupt .We work with major banks to follow the appropriate procedure in securing you the best loans facilitating its transfer to you either in cash , by cheque or wire transfer. We leverage the power of crypto currencies by doing best complex trading so as to get a best ROI on all our loans. Best of all is that all our loans are insured by us .

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